Worship Schedule

To view online Worship Services, please visit our YouTube Channel. We stream live, 

Sundays 8:30AM, and 11:00AM!


Worship Service Information

What is the Divine Service?

At Ascension Lutheran Church, we gather every Sunday for the Divine Service: a time of Word and Sacrament; a time of community and fellowship; a time of confession and absolution.

Divine Services include several important components:

  • Gathered Together: sharing of peace, singing, confession of sins and absolution, and prayers for our world
  • Around the Word: readings from the Bible, a particular hymn of the day, the sermon, and a creed
  • and Blessed: prayers, the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion (omitted on the second Sunday of the month), benediction, and singing

How Do We Worship?

We worship in a fresh approach to the liturgical, traditional style.


  • From the Greek leitourgia, meaning "work of the people," a liturgical worship service is carried out by the gathered assembly. Unlike an audience, an assembly in a liturgical worship service participates in the worship by speaking and singing. Lutherans, like many other Christian denominations, practice liturgical worship.
  • At Ascension, musical literacy is emphasized by the use of the Lutheran Service Book hymnal, printed worship folders, and songbook supplements.

A Fresh Approach to the Traditional Style

  • We utilize high-quality, singable, theologically-sound worship music from both modern and ancient traditions. The text and music is a vehicle for sharing God's Word with others.
  • Even though our worship music style is primarily more traditional, we often employ a variety of singable, well-led music from contemporary, folk, and spiritual sources.

If you want to get a sense of what our worship sounds like, visit our YouTube channel and watch some of our live-streamed services. You can also see our worship service folders/bulletins here.

More information about our Music Ministry can be found here.

How Long are Worship Services?

Sunday morning services typically last about 70-80 minutes.

On the second Sunday of each month, when Holy Communion is not served, the service is shorter.

Are Children Welcome?


Yes, always! We desire nothing more than for children to be included in the worship environment. Moreover, bringing children to God's house for regular worship is an important part of faith development.

We realize, however, that since God put the wiggles in children, sitting through an entire service can sometimes be difficult for youngsters. That's why, on Sunday mornings, we offer:

  • Nursery: our nursery is open on Sunday mornings and is intended for parents with infants and children thru age 3. Cribs, toys, a changing table, and rocking chairs are provided. The worship service can be seen and heard from the nursery.
  • Activity Bags: activity bags with crayons and coloring books can help children avoid restlessness while remaining in the sanctuary. Pick one up before you come into the sanctuary.
  • Children's Message: we regularly provide a children's message, where the pastor shares the message or theme of the day in a way that is relevant and easy for children to understand.
  • Sunday School: offered both throughout the school year and during the summer, Sunday school is an important element of faith development. Refer to the bulletin/announcements page for information about Sunday school classes.

What Should I Wear to Worship?

Always remember that you are a beloved child of the Heavenly Father regardless of how well you are able to dress for worship.

At Ascension, most Sundays will see parishioners in business casual attire. More festive Sundays, such as Easter, might feel dressier. During the summer, and especially on days when we have a picnic or service event, shorts and t-shirts are not uncommon.



Information about Holy Communion

Our greatest desire is to share in the blessing of the Lord’s Supper with you.

  • Do you come to the Lord’s Table for assurance of forgiveness, healing from doubt and shame, and to receive God’s gift of a holy life and reconciliation through Jesus?
  • Have you been baptized and confirmed (or otherwise made public confession of your Christian Faith)?
  • Do you believe Jesus’ words, that the bread and the wine are, in fact, His own body and blood, given and shed for you?

If your answer is “Yes” to each of these questions, then joyfully receive the Lord’s gift in His Sacrament. If you are not yet ready to receive Holy Communion, please come forward when directed to receive a blessing: kneel at the altar and cross your arms over your chest as a sign to the server. The pastor’s class regularly provides instruction for Holy Communion. Please feel free to approach our pastors at any time for clarification and direction.

During the distribution, wait for the usher to dismiss your row. Proceed to the front, and, if you prefer an individual cup, take one as you approach the altar--the center ring contains grape juice for those who cannot tolerate alcohol. Kneel at the rail, take the bread and eat it, then receive the wine when directed. Wait until the table has been dismissed to return to your seat.

If you are physically unable to approach the altar, inform the usher who dismisses your row, and the bread and wine will be served you at your pew.

According to local custom, Holy Communion is served on all Sundays except for the second Sunday of the month.